TalkFirst tuyển dụng Center IELTS Team Leader

Your role

As the Center IELTS team leader, you will lead the IELTS team at our center and provide day-to-day mentoring to the IELTS Teachers at TalkFirst. You will also be available to teach & cover classes. The main responsibilities for the role consist of managing the quality of all IELTS classes, conducting the entrance IELTS test for customers, coordinating with the team to provide the best service to existing customers as well as promoting cross sale and up sale & the other tasks assigned by our Academic Director.

You will also create a work environment that encourages teamwork, commitment & success. This will involve supervising, motivating and helping a team of unique individuals along with collaborating with the Marketing & Service department.

• Conduct IELTS Placement tests for customers. Estimate band score and evaluate customer’s strengths and weaknesses.
• Plan student’s study programme accordingly.
• Teach IELTS and manage classroom and coursework materials as well as homework assignments.
• Make necessary changes and adjustments to tailor the study programme for individual students.
• Create report on student’s performance.
• Estimate student’s progress and ability to meet the target band score upon request.
• Cooperate with Customer service ocers and System operation ocers to manage internal quality control so as to deliver a consistent experience to customers.
• Coordinate with teachers and team members to organize Academic workshops and support the marketing team in terms of content development for the fan page and media campaigns.
• Develop deep understanding about the study programme and conduct necessary training for new teachers and sta.


• English fluency (in both written and verbal communication).
• Hold an IELTS certificate of band 8.0 or above.
• CELTA/ TEFL / TESOL certificate or equivalent English language teaching qualification.
• Have at least three-year work experience in teaching IELTS.
• Have experience in quality control or system management is an advantage.
• Perform well both in a group and individually.
• Be creative and independent in planning and development.
• Be good at public speaking and networking.


• Salary range: negotiable – Competitive
• Competitive benefit package, annual performance-based pay increase
• Bonus on monthly target achievement

What we have at TalkFirst

• Creative teaching & learning environment
• Small class sizes (core classes have a maximum of 6 students)
• A modern and effective approach to language learning
• Comprehensive teaching materials
• Fun, friendly and professional colleagues
• Opportunities for career development and promotion

How to apply

Kindly send your CV with certificates to our HR email:
Thank you.

About TalkFirst

TalkFirst English School is one of the most creative English Centers in Ho Chi Minh city.
With the mission of enhancing students English proficiency, TalkFirst promises to provide our students with a great deal of rewarding experiences through a perfect studying environment with native English speaking teachers who are carefully trained as well as greatly modernized facilities.
We hope to collaborate with potential candidates to provide excellent service for our customers.

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